The challenge of any business is to provide quality products at a reasonable price. The challenge to Jackson Consulting is to provide knowledgable and competent IT support at the instant the support is needed. Due to random occurences, this is impossible without everyone bearing a small portion of the cost during all times. Therefore, we prefer a nominal annual fee to the random hourly fee most other companies charge. This fee is priced based on the size of the network. The fixed fee model places the burden on Jackson Consulting for efficiently providing service.

Our annual fixed fees are as follows, per device:

Firewalls / Routers / Other Devices   $300
Servers   $6,000
Workstations   $1,200 (10 workstation minimum)

Clients who take advantage of our fixed fee arrangement recieve top priority. An engineer is simply a phone call, an email, or a text message away. We will promptly address any issue and if the problem requires an on-site visit, an engineer will be on site within 24 hours. Hardware upgrades must be scheduled in advance.

For customers who prefer to sample our service before signing a contract, we offer daily rates of $1,500 and half day rates of $900.

For those who prefer to manage their own infrastructure, Jackson Consulting will provide on-site assistance at $250 per hour based on availability.

Our fixed fees are based on a business size of 25-100 computers. For businesses outside of this range, please contact us for pricing information. Jackson Consulting is happy to service networks as small as 10 computers, or as large as 400.